Exchange Corporate Data Securely

Exchange corporate and business data securely

The ability to firmly exchange rampacked data with business companions, clients, custodians and regulatory regulators is critical to success. Yet , it can be challenging to guarantee protected document exchange and checking when relying on traditional methods such as -mail, fax or perhaps email.

Thru’s cloud-native, protect MFT program provides the automation, security and governance functions required to act on scale. That ensures that important computer data exchange techniques work effortlessly across your complete ecosystem with does not require manual intervention. The solution provides a web portal for exterior users to upload and download files, with support for all the primary record transfer protocols including HTTPS, SFTP, and FTPS. It is also integrated together with your existing devices via our developer API SDK.

Security options

The ExchangeDefender Security solution enables you to choose the volume of security for every email that you just send. You can choose from basic, high and programmed. You can also elect to inform your Complying Officer the moment a communication has been used, giving you around realtime awareness into the actions of your receivers.

The ExchangeDefender Encryption storage space uses TLS (Transport Level Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the connection amongst the Exchange server and the hosting space that the recipients use for access all their mailboxes, such as your on-premises servers or their email providers. ExchangeDefender does not store or perhaps maintain your recipients’ security accreditation. The security certificate is used to identify the recipient organization’s servers, and to encrypt and decrypt the messages.